What is the Major Difference between Heavy Cream and Buttermilk

Hello everyone! As you know, milk and milk products are very important for us. We consume milk in many forms like: Tea, Coffee, Curd, Buttermilk, Cream, Butter. All are milk-based products.

In this blog we will discuss Heavy Cream and Buttermilk. What is the difference between Heavy Cream and Buttermilk? Both are milk products but there is a difference between them. Let’s read full blog for complete information:

Difference Between Heavy Cream and Buttermilk

In this we will discuss heavy cream and buttermilk? What is the use of heavy cream and buttermilk? And how did we get heavy cream and buttermilk from milk? So read to know more about heavy cream and buttermilk:

What is Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream is the fat of milk. We get heavy cream from fresh milk. We boil fresh milk and after boiling it converts into normal temperature. During this process all the fat of milk collects on the top of milk. And the fat layer which collects on the top of milk is known as Fresh Heavy Cream. The taste of Heavy cream is more creamy than milk. 

Use of Heavy Cream: Heavy cream is used in many types. Some of them are as follows:

·     Heavy cream is used in cakes, cookies and many more.

·     We got ghee (Clarified butter) from fresh cream.

·     We also got white butter from the fresh Heavy cream.

·     Sometimes heavy cream is also used in many dishes for creamy taste.

now many companies offer heavy fresh. Some of them are: Amul Fresh cream, cream base, Nestle original, Natural heavy cream, mother dairy cream, go fresh cream and many more.

What is Buttermilk?

      Buttermilk is a fermented milk-based product. It is

      type of drink which is made from churning butter  

      from fermented cream. Traditionally, we made        

      butter from cultured cream and when we separate   

     butter from the cream it will left some type of liquid

     which is known as Buttermilk. Buttermilk is very

      healthy for us. Taste of butter milk is creamy sweet

      and sour.

Use of Buttermilk: Buttermilk is used in many things. Some of them are:

· Buttermilk is a tasty drink we use with our meals.

· Buttermilk is used in many recipes: like curry, Rayta and so on.

· Buttermilk is used in cake also.

· Some of the companies which offer buttermilk: Amul masti spiced buttermilk, Amul buttermilk, Sapins buttermilk, mother dairy, Go buttermilk, Vio spiced buttermilk and so on.

So the main difference between Heavy cream and buttermilk is that we get it from a different process. Both are totally different from each other.  They have different properties like buttermilk is a liquid and heavy cream is not a liquid. Only milk is common in both. 

There are many things available in India and all are different from each other. For example, the Difference Between Jalapeno and Habanero Peppers such type of difference you can search on this site. And you will get a proper explanation of each and everything.

Jalapeno is a variety of green chilli. These are very hot green chillies. The size of Jalapeno is bigger than normal green chillies. And ripe Jalapeno changes its colour and turns into a red colour. These are used in mostly Pizza and other Mexican food.

Habanero is also a type of chilli variety. It is a red hot chilli. Unripe Habanero chilli colour is green. It is Chinese capsicum. The size of Habanero is 2-3 cm long. It has a sweet and spicy taste.

As we discuss, the difference between Jalapeno and Habanero is that Habanero chilli is hotter and spicier than Jalapeno. Both have the same colour. Both grow in warm temperatures.


Hopefully this blog cleared all of your doubt about heavy cream and buttermilk. We tried our best to give you complete information about both the milk products. Thanks for reading our blog. Must visit again.

By Michael Caine

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