How to make french fries

Today I will share with you how to make french fries. There are many ways to make french fries on the Internet. Some methods need to blanch the french fries in advance, and some methods need to put the french fries in the refrigerator to freeze. I heard from a friend: The reason why French fries sold outside need to be frozen in the refrigerator is to make it more convenient and quick to fry French fries. There is no need to do this at home. French fries want to be fried deliciously, crispy and not soft. There are a few small details that need your attention. Let me share with you the specific methods and skills of French fries


500 grams of old potatoes, appropriate amount of cooking oil, appropriate amount of tomato sauce Food Hub Discount Code NHS


  1. Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into strips of about 0.8 cm, put them in a basin, rinse the starch on the surface with a washing machine, and then control the water for later use. The potato strips for French fries should not be cut too thick or too thin, and the width of about 0.8 cm is just right.
  2. Put water in a steamer. When the water boils, put the cut potato sticks into the steamer, cover the pot, and steam on high heat for about 3 minutes. Steam the potato sticks until they are half-cooked.
  3. After the potato sticks are steamed, take them out of the steamer and spread them out to cool for later use. Put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the pot, heat the oil to 60% heat, that is, when the oil surface starts to smoke slightly, put the cooled potato sticks into the pot and start frying, fry the potato sticks until the surface is golden, then take them out .
  4. Heat the oil in the pot to 70% heat again, put the fried French fries into the pot for frying again, this time fry the French fries until the surface is golden in color and the skin is crispy, then take it out. French fries after re-frying will taste more crispy.
  5. Put the fried French fries on oil-absorbing paper to absorb the excess oil before eating. You can mix tomato sauce or other seasonings according to your own taste.

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The practice of French fries

Today, I would like to recommend the most delicious French fries recipe to all the babies. The outer skin is crispy and crispy, and the inner layer is soft and delicious, and the recipe is simple and easy to learn.

  • Ingredients 2 potatoes
  • Appropriate amount of corn starch
  • Appropriate amount of cooking oil


  1. Wash the potatoes, slice them, and rinse the potatoes
  2. Use the cornstarch prepared in advance to dip the potatoes, and dip them evenly
  3. Heat the pan, pour oil, the amount of oil is 1/3 of the pan
  4. Put the prepared potatoes one by one with chopsticks
  5. After frying in the pan, remove the French fries
  6. Delicious french fries are ready!


Potatoes must be dipped in cornstarch evenly, otherwise they will not be cooked well

After the potatoes are in the pot, turn them regularly

  • The practice of French fries
  • The practice of French fries
  • teach you how to make french fries
  • The practice of French fries
  • The practice of French fries

How to make french fries

French fries are a food that many friends like to eat. It is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value. Do you know how to make French fries? Today I will share my experience with you, hoping to help you.

  • Potatoes 400g
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of flour


  • Cut the potatoes into strips.
  • With salt.
  • Add flour.
  • Stir well.
  • The oil temperature is 50% hot.
  • Fry the fries until golden.
  • fish out.
  • Such simple and delicious French fries are complete.

French fries

Continue to send popular snacks — French fries. Cooking is like putting on clothes, and sometimes the clothes are bumpy, but everyone’s methods and some tips are definitely different.

  • Wash the potatoes and cut into strips.
  • Rinse the starch of Doi Daihu beans with water (I have rinsed with water several times).
  • Bring the water to a boil, and boil the water for a while. Ravensburger NHS Discount Codes

French Fries Method

French fries are one of children’s favorite foods, but some French fries can only be bought in fast food restaurants, which is unhygienic. Today I will introduce the method of French fries

  • 2 potatoes
  • Oil 500ml
  • Cut the potatoes into strips, neither too thin nor too thick, medium, cut and set aside
  • Then pour in the oil, wait for the oil to rise, put in the potatoes
  • Finally, the french fries are done
  • Do not stir with a spatula during the frying process or they will stick together
By Michael Caine

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