Two Elden Ring Greatshields Introduction: Fingerprint Stone Shield & Ant’s Skull Plate

In a huge MMORPG, if you are lucky enough to get suitable and powerful items, it will have a very good effect on the development of the character. This situation is more strongly showed at Elden Ring.

After the launch of Elden Ring on February 25, 2022, such a challenging game is almost a tsunami of shock for many mmo fans. Every player needs to find equipment and auxiliary items suitable for their character quickly after entering the game and buy Elden Ring Runes as much as possible, otherwise they will suffer huge losses because of insufficient preparation when facing powerful enemies.

Shields, for example, are divided into three levels in Elden Ring, namely Small Shields, Medium Shields and Greatshields. The higher the level of Shields, the more helpful the character is. Fingerprint Stone Shield and Ant’s Skull Plate are the two Greatshields that players use a lot. Greatshields weigh a lot and offer the best protection in the game. It provides greater value to block and protect the character himself from enemies and bosses, but greatly increases the weight and reduces the player’s mobility. The advantage of this type of shield is that it helps players take less unnecessary damage. Let’s look at these two.

Fingerprint Stone Shield


Players who have owned the Fingerprint Stone Shield should feel that when they are fighting the most powerful enemies, this shield will help them resist a lot of damage, and players can also get high resistance to all damage types at the same time. Like all the other great Elden Ring items, this greatshield comes with a price.

The Fingerprint Stone Shield is in the map-less area of Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Due to the complexity of this place, many players will find themselves lost upon entering this place. The challenge they will face is to try their best to get past these obstacles, and the ultimate reward is the Fingerprint Stone Shield.

Specific steps:

1. Go to the Cathedral of the Forsaken and defeat Mohg the Omen.

2. Hit the candlelight altar behind the boss to dispel the illusory wall leading to the hidden passage.

3. From the top wooden beam to the lowest rafter below. Then go to the right and drop onto the sarcophagus lid. Descend again, but this time jump before descending to land on another bunker to the northwest. Then turn southeast and jump onto another platform.

4. The third and final jump to the northwest will lead to the corridor where the Greatshield is. Remember, you need motivation to make this jump. Go in this direction and you’ll see a corpse with the Inescapable Frenzy Incantation on it.

5. Turn right into the area with the small tent-like structure. We can only get this item when enemy mobs destroy shards for the player. Then go right again to the end of the hallway to get the Fingerprint Stone Shield.

Ant’s Skull Plate


Ant’s Skull Plate is one of the Greatshields in the Elden Ring, which mainly scales with strength. Players with Ant’s Skull Plate will be very good at knocking back enemy attacks. Because Giant ants are poisonous creatures, players gain immunity when wielding their shields.

Note: You can find Ant’s Skull Plate in a chest in a small room in Nokstella, Eternal City.

When you get this Greatshield, you have the Shield Bash skill. Support your shield while drawing a defensive stance before slamming an enemy with your own weight. Weaker enemies are pushed back and can even be staggered. While this shield cannot be infused with Ashes of War, this shield can be buffed with Magic and Consumables. The character’s immunity is also boosted by 60. Ant’s Skull Plate also has a hidden passive, making it the best shield for repelling enemy weapon attacks. You’ll also need to reinforce it with Somber Smithing Stones regularly, and upgrades to the Ant’s Skull Plate can be enchanted with magic or enhanced with consumables.

If you’re only new to the Fingerprint Stone Shield or Ant’s Skull Plate or other Greatshields, it’s a good idea to learn more about the Elden Ring Shields before fighting, which will be of great help on your next journey.

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