Hello Foodies! We all love food. Of course! Food is our basic need. We cannot survive without food. In Ancient times people fed themselves because they were hungry. But nowadays people feed according to their taste.

Now there is a large variety of foods available for us. Some of them are Chinese, South Indian, Italian and many more. So, in this blog we will discuss food.

Many people have some confusion about cheese and paneer. They do not know both are same or different. So here we will give you a brief description about Cheese and Paneer. Read full blog for complete information:


Here we will discuss, what is the difference between CHEESE and PANEER? Both are dairy food items but both are different. Some people are often confused between Cheese and Paneer. So here we will tell you about features of both. Let’s read


·      Cheese is a milk product like cow, buffalo, goat and so on.

·      Cheese is made by the process of acidification.

·      Cheese has rich fat and calories.

·      Cheese can be stored for a long time period in the refrigerator up to 6 months.

·      Cheese has many nutrients like protein, calcium etc.

·      Cheese has many types. All have different styles, flavour, texture.

·      Some famous cheese recipes: 

  • Pizza
  • Garlic
  • cheese bread 
  • cheese sandwich
  • cheesy sticks and many more.


·      Paneer is also a dairy product. It is also made with milk.

·  It is made when you add some lemon juice or vinegar in heated milk.

·      Paneer has fewer calories and fat in comparison to cheese.

·      Panner is also known as fresh cheese.

·      Paneer is ready in 1 hour.

·      Panner cannot be stored for a long time.

·      Paneer also has Protein and calcium but in less amounts.

·      Some famous recipes of Paneer

  • Shahi Paneer
  •  Kadai Paneer
  • Makhani Paneer
  •  Paneer patties
  •  matar paneer etc.

Above are the main differences between CHEESE and PANEER. I hope after reading this blog you have a clear understanding of CHEESE and PANEER. There are many differences available on our site like: Difference Between Ananas and Pineapple. As you know in this blog we are discussing food. Fruits are very important for everyone. A large variety of fruits are available in India. So, in this blog we will tell you about Ananas and Pineapple. Are Ananas and Pineapple the Same or Different? Let’s check

Ananas: Ananas is a plant genus which belongs to the Bromeliaceae of South America.Ananas word originated from the Tupi language word “Anana” which means Excellent fruit. Ananas include Pineapple and Ananas Comosus.  In many languages Ananas is used as a fruit name for pineapple including French.

Pineapple: Pineapple is a Species of plant.Pineapple is a plant which has very popular and tasty fruit.We use it in many recipes like in cake we use as pineapple flavour or in vine Pina colada.Ananas Comosus is another name of Pineapple.Pineapple is commonly a shrub.

 Some people think that Pineapple is the English name of Ananas. Some people think both are the same. But it is not accurate information. In this blog we cleared what are the main differences between Ananas and Pineapple. Ananas is a genus and Pineapple is a Species. Pineapple is the third most essential tropical fruit.


In this blog we shared with you the differences between Paneer and Cheese and Ananas and Pineapple. Hope you enjoyed the blog and also gained information from this blog. Now you do not have any doubt about Paneer and Cheese.


· Is Paneer and Cheese the same?

NO, Paneer and Cheese both are different. And used in different recipes.

· Can we store Paneer for a long time period?

No, Paneer cannot be stored for a long time.

· Cheese is a dairy product or not?

Yes, Cheese is a Dairy product.

· How many Varieties available in Cheese?

There are many types of Cheese available: Processed cheese, Crushed cheese, Cheese slice, Cheese spread and so on.

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